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updated October, 2013

I have a few aims for this work in progress.

First, write more. I love to write. I used to journal and write letters to friends. The journals are in a box somewhere and my friends were entertained. Times have changed. Writing online makes reaching and entertaining people easy. We'll see how it goes (Note: still seeing how it goes, more than five years later!).

My writing from 2005 through now was focussed on professional efforts in jobs and for freelance clients. I did squeeze in social media and maybe it would have made more sense to post longer thoughtful or humourous pieces on a blog then link to it from social media. I'll do that more now to prevent further blog neglect.

My second idea, be more social. My social world has shrunk in recent years. People get married, have families, move to the suburbs, and spend more time doing their own things. The activities do intersect and give us reasons to get together. Much more often, our interests are discrete and we do them solo or with new friends related to whatever we're into. I used to miss running in a pack, but not so much now. It's a phase of life I'm past. We're into a different phase now and its worth exploring. Besides, when friends do get together, we have plenty to catch up on!

So I've been on the web about twenty years (remember dialup? MindLink? VRML?) and continue to connect with and learn from kindred spirits with interests that excite me. I could stay quiet but it's more fun to share and maybe connect via social media and blogs. If I meet people who become friends, that's a bonus.

Is this going to be perfect? Emphatically, "No!" The only thing I know for sure is I'm better off acting on my ideas online and playing with the tools and channels than doing nothing.


Note: I've used as a host for years. Early on in my patronage, they joined/merged/sold-to/morphed-into Joyent and went after an enterprise market. But they still supported small fry customers. And I'm grateful for that.

Then the people/person behind the original Textdrive decided to carve their small client hosting business/site back out and transition original Textdrive customers into to a technically revitalized infrastructure serving the market that helped them get started. I chose the "let us handle migration" option and my static sites and pages made the move but the databases haven't yet made the trip even though they said the migration was complete.

So all the blogs below are still broken, and five plus years of blog posting may be gone for good. I've tried to contact them but have had zero response. Maybe I'll get my work back, maybe not. I'm in limbo.

Perhaps I'm an idiot for trusting them and not backing up all my posts and WordPress sites properly. Won't make that mistake again.

I'm not yet at the point of publicly slagging (soon!) but if you happen across this info while looking at hosts, I'll warn you now! Buyer beware. I don't think I'll trust a simple blog to Textdrive anymore so my opinion is if you are doing anything more complex than real basic static pages, find another hosting company than to deal with and save yourself a heap of heartache.

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